LaManna&Sons South Yarra

LaManna has become one of the most trusted names in fresh fruit and vegetables in Melbourne in the past 65 years.

With origins that date back to the 1940’s, Greg LaManna, along with his two sons Brandon and Jordan, carries on the family tradition at 670 Chapel’s new LaManna & Sons store.

Few people know Melbourne’s fruit and vegetable industry as well as the LaManna family. Greg’s father, Pasquale (Pat), moved to Melbourne from a small town in Italy in the 1950s and soon opened his first fruit and vegetable shop in west Preston in 1953. While this may not seem overly exciting, Pat’s store was the first in Melbourne that allowed its customers to touch and choose their own fruit and vegetables. The self-service style shopping we are so used to now was non-existent in Melbourne before Pat’s. From here the family ventured into wholesaling, and up until 2003, the LaManna name boasted Australia’s largest wholesale banana business.

The 2018 edition of LaManna holds true to the family values and legacy that Pat developed in his original West Preston fruit shop way back in 1953. At 670 Chapel, Greg, Brandon and Jordan have refreshed the LaManna name with a polished, modern take on the original shop. The calibre of their stock is second to none with an extensive range of local and international products that cannot be found in your average supermarket.

Keeping in step with the times and the well-heeled customers that frequent their South Yarra store, the produce at La Manna & Sons extends far beyond their iconic fresh fruit and vegetables. They have a range of high-quality food products that cater to all dietary requirements, be it gluten, fructose or lactose-free, and also those who follow vegan, organic and even paleo diets. A family legacy that has been associated with quality for well over 50 years, the La Manna’s are surely Melbourne’s kings of fresh fruit and vegetables.