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Our Story

The LaManna family history started in Australia in 1922 when our Great Grandfather Vincenzo LaManna migrated to Australia in search of a better life for his family. Vincenzo spent many difficult years separated from his family during the war years with only the occasion trip home before finally our Grandfather Pasquale (Pat) and his brother Tony could also migrate to Australia to be reunited with their father in 1948. It was on this journey to Australia that Pat, the man who started it all, first saw a banana. He had never seen this bent yellow fruit and it intrigued him to say the least.

In order to survive, Pat and his brother started picking potatoes and onions in country Victoria. Pat knew that in order to be happy in Australia he would need to learn English and couldn’t do this working on a farm, so he quickly moved to Melbourne where he found a job in a Greengrocer. His passion for fruit and vegetables led him to open his first Greengrocer in 1953. The LaManna name soon dominated the fresh produce game and by the mid 1970’s Pat  owned and operated 8 Greengrocers across Melbourne.

In the 1980’s Pat was joined by sons Vince and Greg and the businesses path again changed with the family expanding their wholesale business LaManna Bananas. With Vince and Greg’s hard work and business minds it wasn’t long before LaManna Bananas had warehouses and offices in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth and even farming operations in Queensland. The business was sold in 2007.

Greg had always had the desire to get back into Fruit and Vegetable retailing and knew with the help of his two sons, Brandon and Jordan, that this would be possible. Countless days spent scouting different sites and web browsing all across Victoria led the LaManna family to 670 Chapel St, South Yarra. Before opening the LaManna’s built a to scale replica out of cardboard and old fruit boxes in an old warehouse in Richmond, it was important that the shop flow, design, look and feel was perfect.

Greg, Brandon and Jordan had a vision from the very beginning to bring back good old fashioned merchandising and customer service, a commitment to provide not only the freshest & best fruit and vegetables available but to do so as a  “Family Owned & Proudly Independent” business.

And so after many months of planning it was time to open a new chapter for the LaManna family by opening the doors to their very own greengrocer, LaManna&Sons, in South Yarra.

Our Products

Fresh Produce

Fresh Produce

Market Fresh Every Day

While Melbourne sleeps, brothers; Brandon & Jordan are hand selecting the best quality produce at the Melbourne fruit and veg market.

LaManna&Sons Meals

Hand made & fresh

We stock only the tastiest ready meals. We have an option for everyone, gluten free? Vegan? Vegetarian? No worries!

Cheese & Dairy

For your daily needs!

We have a massive range of locally sourced & imported cheeses, cold meats and everything along side! And locally sourced milk, butter & yogurts.


Our Range

Fresh locally baked breads and pastries, locally sourced range of milks, local and internationally produced oils and vinegars and many more.

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